Winter 11/12

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. K. Polthier
  Dr. C. Lange
  Dipl.-Math. St. W. von Deylen
Classes: Tue 10-12 - Room SR 032 in Arnimallee 6
  Thu 10-12 - Room SR 032 in Arnimallee 6
Tutorial: Wed 10-12 - Room SR 031 in Arnimallee 6 (Lange)
  Thu 16-18 - Room SR 032 in Arnimallee 6 (von Deylen)
  tutorials on thursday are in german


Differential geometry studies the local and global properties of curved spaces. Topics of the lecture will be: curves and surfaces in Euclidean space, differentiable manifolds, vector bundles, especially the tangent bundle, tensors, Riemannian manifolds, connections, curvature tensors, the geometry of submanifolds, geodesics, and some theorems from global differential geometry.


Basic linear algebra, basic calculus.

Exercise sheets

Additional Material

Written Exam

To qualify for the written exam, you have to attend one of the two tutorials regularly, participate actively, and achieve at least 50% of the points for the homework assignments.

Date of 1st written exam: February 7th, 2012.

Date of 2nd written exam: April 2nd, 2012, 10 a. m. (sharp) in Room 032. (every qualified student is allowed to attend, independent of the 1st exam's result)

Main Textbooks

Further Textbooks (additional topics etc.)